Rule of 6
September 15th, 2020


In light of the new rule that 6 people can now meet up inside, as a company we have decided to still stick to allowing bookings for ONLY 2 households upto a maximum of 6 people. We have been extremely proud to hear all the positive feedback regarding how safe everyone feels when they dine with us. We have seeked confirmation from our local MP, council and environmental health today regarding the rule of 6, and social distancing inside while sat at a table. The law states that if you are eating with someone outside of your household or bubble, you MUST keep 1 meter + apart. So to seat 6 people socially distanced 1 meter apart at a table, they would be required to sit at a table suitable for 12 people. This simply isn’t feasible space wise, and financially. We won’t operate like other establishments and not follow the distancing rules. The Environmental health have informed us that they will be policing the rule of 6 and social distancing, and we will not risk our license, reputation but most importantly the safety of our customers and staff. We have also seeked clarification regarding the test and trace of people dining with more than 1 household, and we are only required to take 1 persons details from the group of 6 different households. In our eyes this is ludicrous. We have always taken the numbers of both households and will continue to do so for our peace of mind. We know that not everyone will take the same view as us and we apologise if this affects your plans, but at present, with rising cases, this is where our company stands on the rule of 6. As always we are incredibly grateful of the support and following we receive and hope to welcome you soon.